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Ataraxy Gift Box comes with a hand-painted water color enclosure card, with your message hand-written inside.

This colorful Gift Box is happiness on the inside & out! Gift boxes are made with attention to detail and an eye for presentation.

What's Included?

Packaged in a beautiful Ataraxy gift box that's colorful and brightens everyones life!

Open the box to a hand-painted watercolor card complimented with your card message, hand written. 

-Citrine Geode Bath Bomb- Citrine is thought to stimulate mental power and help focus. it promotes strength and can transform negativity into positive energy.

-Life's meant to be easy peasy lemon squeeze, not stressed depressed lemon zest -tea towel

-How to stay human in a f*cked up world Book 

-Dip Dyed Pink Candle




Spreading happiness is our mission. By supporting our store and sending a gift or gifting yourself you're helping our dreams come true of making the world more colorful!